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The History of Trible Casinos on Indian Reservations

The History of Tribal Casinos in the US

Tribal Casinos on Indian ReservationsIt all began back in the seventies when the Seminole Tribe in Florida launched a bingo operation. The history of tribal casinos on Indian reservations was born out of a Supreme Court Ruling in 1979.

The State of Florida took action against a new bingo operation on an Indian Reservation which became a  popular tourist attraction. Gambling was illegal across most of the US including Florida and the authorities  tried to close down. A run of lawsuits led to the Supreme Court ruling which declared the state of Florida did not have jurisdiction over Indian Reservations activities. It was against the US Constitution.

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UK Gambling and Money Laundering

UK Gambling and EU Anti-Money Laundering Directives

UK Gambling and EU Anti-Money Laundering DirectivesHow will UK Gambling and EU anti-money laundering directives be affected by new legislation which comes into effect on 27th June 2017?

During June 2015, the 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive (EU) No. 2015/849  entered into force. EU Member States have to implement the 4th Anti-Money-Laundering Directive (AMLD) by 26 June 2017 into national law.

The UK Government has announced that only the holders of UK Casino Operating Licences will be affected by the latest money laundering regulations. The latest AMLDs  are to become law in a few months time.

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Japanese Pachinko

Pachinko Gaming Fever

Japanese Pachinko GamingPachinko gaming is something which the Japanese Government will have considered carefully before legalizing casinos in Japan. 4% of GDP is already derived from the Pachinko gaming sector.

It is a frenetic game played in neon lit parlours using steel balls which clatter and rattle loudly to the music of techno and howling megaphone announcements. It is not like something else you are likely to have experienced before.

Surprisingly, playing the game is not really regarded as gambling although clearly it is. It is a bit like asking when is a game chance not a game of chance? It is a form of game where steel balls can be played into small holes and then redeemed for tokens. Seen by most, as a game of skill at which you can win.

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Trump Taj Mahal Casino Debadged

Trump Taj Mahal Casino signage removed

Trump Taj Mahal CasinoPresident Trump is having his name removed from the Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City. The Trump Taj Mahal casino opened on 5th April 1990 and closed during October 2016, a run of more than 26 years.

When the current owner, Carl Icahn bought the Casino he was allowed to keep the Trump Entertainment Brand as long as it was renovated. That has not been the case since the casino is now closed for business. Carl Icahn has already made it clear that there will be no further investment in the property. Removal of the signage has already commenced although the branding agreement does not expire for a month.

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First Sochi Casino Resort Opens

The new Sochi Casino Resort has finally opened to provide the Russian Olympic resort with a world-class gambling facility. Sochi will also be host to the 2018 World Cup.

New Sochi Casino Resort Opens

New Sochi Casino Resort OpensYou may remember Sochi was newly constructed on the Black Sea Coast to host the Winter Olympics. The 2018 World Cup Football is also to be hosted there and it is now also the home of Russian F1 Grand Prix. It has been a successful creation in what was previously a run down holiday resort. Russia has banned gambling in all but a few localised areas, Sochi is one of them. Crimea is another which is also attracting investment.

The new Sochi Casino Resort opened this Thursday in the mountain resort of Gorky Gorod, It is described by its operator Domain LLC as a global scale entertainment complex on par with the best casinos in Las Vegas. The Sochi Casino Resort has all the facilities you might expect in a Las Vegas casino resort. It has many restaurants, a cabaret theatre, a convention centre numerous shops, bars. It is one the largest casino resorts in Russia today and incorporates 569 gaming machines and 70 table games.

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New US East Coast Casinos

New US east coast casinos are springing up in attractive locations close to major US cities. These new casino resort complexes are in new catchment areas.

US East Coast Casinos to open soon

New US East Coast Casinos - MGM National HarbourInvestment in US casinos is shifting away from Las Vegas and Atlantic City, the two major US gambling centres.

The fortunes of Atlantic City have been declining for many years. Atlantic City’s gaming revenue last year was just $2.56 billion, down from $5.22 billion in 2006. Las Vegas continues to impress with a gaming revenue of $6.32 billion in 2015. There are 1511 casinos across the US generating a total of $71.1 billion. Las Vegas and Atlantic City currently account for only 12.5% of US Gambling Revenue which is a surprising statistic.

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Atlantic City Gambling History

The story of Atlantic City gambling history is really sad. Atlantic City can be seen as a victim of progress as gambling moved to other locations.

Atlantic City History

Atlantic City Gambling History

The city as we now know it is located on Absecon Island in New Jersey. Originally occupied by Indian it has an interesting history. Later in 1670 it was owned by an Englishman who bought it for a song, 40 cents an acre. Nothing happened there until Jeremiah Leeds settled there in 1785. He was the first person to build a permanent structure on the island. It was a farming settlement called Leeds Plantation. After his death in 1838 his wife got permission to operate a tavern and boarding house.

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Dutch Gambling Laws

There are state-run casinos but not one online casino in Holland. Currently Dutch gambling laws prevent citizens from using foreign online casino websites.

Dutch Gambling Laws

Dutch Gambling LawsHolland, also known as the Netherlands is famous for liberal laws. The Dutch people are one of the most relaxed races in the world. When it comes to gambling you would expect Holland to be relaxed but it is totally the opposite.

Gambling laws are totally exclusive to outside operators, something which EU Law is totally against.

Casino gambling within Holland is run by a state monopoly called Holland Casino. There are 14 casinos in Holland all run by the same organisation.

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French Gambling Laws

French gambling laws introduced during 2010 are having a negative effect on the gambling industry, principally due to high taxation.

French Gambling Laws

French Gambling LawsFrance has a long history of association with gambling. The Queen first became included in the French deck of cards, the Roulette wheel was invented by a French man and casinos have long been present all over France.

In 1987 the minimum age for gambling was dropped from 21 to 18 years of age. Slot machines were illegal then but in 1988 they were legalised all over France.

During 2007 the EU served notice on France requesting it to amend their laws to comply with European laws in terms of online gambling. Subsequently, during 2009 gambling laws were amended to open up the online gambling market to operators from other EU countries. The new gambling bill was criticised for giving preference to French online gambling operators. French gambling laws were then amended again during 2010.

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German Gambling Laws

German gambling laws are being reviewed after the EU Court of Justice ruled that Germany could not exclude foreign gambling operators.

German Gambling History

German Gambling Laws - Casino BadenBy the 18th century gambling was flourishing in Germany after the first official establishment was opened. Casino Baden first opened in 1765. Others followed but in 1872 a government act was passed to close all casinos.

It was not until 1933 that gambling was again legalised. Casino Baden reopened but closed again in 1944 when the second world war broke out and did not reopen until 1950. Casino Baden is rated as one of the top ten land based casinos in the world.

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