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Macau resents Chinese controls

Macau resents its Chinese border controls

Macau resents its Chinese Border ControlsThe constant interference of China in the affairs of Macau is a thorn in the side of this otherwise independent enclave. Macau resents its Chinese border controls with the mainland.

Macau relies heavily on the free movement of people but it is becoming more complicated. The Chinese are introducing more controls.

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Understanding Gambling in Macau

Understanding Macau and how it is today might leave you thinking the economy hangs on a thread.

Understanding Macau and Gambling

Understanding MacauThe first thing about understanding Macau as a gambling destination is that gambling was only legalised in 2002. The former Portuguese colony invented itself as the major gambling hub of the world relatively in the blink of an eye. Read about the history of gambling in Macau. Traditionally, most people would think of Las Vegas as the gambling Mecca of the world but that no longer holds true.

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Thousand Dollar Plus Bitcoin

Bitcoin breaks the thousand dollar mark

The Thousand Dollar Plus Bitcoin

Thousand Dollar Plus BitcoinToday, as trading began the bitcoin hit the 1000 dollar market the thousand dollar plus bitcoin has arrived. A long expected event. In fact as trading continued it rose to almost 1017 dollars before dipping and then rising again to 1013. this was the first time the bitcoin hit this level for three years. Can the thousand dollar plus bitcoin sustain itself at this level? Many predict that it will.

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Macau Gambling Revenue Increase

Macau gambling revenue finally rises during November. After two years of decline new gambling resorts have attracted more visitors. The informed are getting ready for another boom in Macau.

Macau  Gambling Revenue Increase

Macau Gambling RevenueGambling revenue increased by 14.4 per cent during November, it was the fourth month of growth after two years of decline. Statistical data showed earnings had increased to 2.36 billion dollars in November.

Macau gained independence from  China in 1999 and attracted billions of dollar of investment after legalizing gambling. Things were slow to begin with but then Macau became flooded with high rolling gamblers from China because gambling is illegal in  China.

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Chinese Gambling Laws

Chinese Gambling laws have banned it since 1949 but 20% of Chinese people live outside of China. Also many Chinese are able to access offshore gambling websites.

Chinese Gambling Laws

Chinese Gambling LawsThe only legal form of gambling in China is the state lottery controlled by the Peoples Republic of China. There are two lotteries, the Welfare Lottery and the Sports Lottery.

Anyone who has been to a casino will know that the Chinese enjoy gambling. Perhaps that is because, apart from the Lottery, all other types of gambling are banned within China. A blanket gambling ban was introduced back in 1949 but more than 20% of Chinese people live outside China.

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Wynn Macau Casino China

The Wynn Macau Casino in China is a Beautiful Fantasy Development

Macau has an Portuguese colonial history as a trading post since 1557. Its colonial past still influences its culture and cuisine today. The gambling industry has injected affluence to Macau. Many new international casinos have enhanced this unique and historical location. The Wynn Macau casino is no exception.

The casino was constructed in the Las Vegas style on the Macau peninsula. It is a historical former Portuguese Colony. The Wynn Macau opened in 2006 and boasts 600 hotel rooms with numerous restaurants employing award-winning chefs. Most noteworthy, for retail therapy and relaxation you can also enjoy luxury designer shops, a heated swimming pool and a spa. The atrium even includes a performance lake of all things. It is a beautiful place oozing with stunning western and Chinese art forms.

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