The Government is pushing ahead with a Cyprus casino resort deal which will certainly enhance  tourism on the the island.

Cyprus Casino Resort deal almost done

Cyprus Casino Resort DealIn a bid to attract casino operators to Cyprus, the Cypriot Government invited bids from a number of possible hotel and casino operators. The objective is to procure an attractive Casino Resort to suit the needs of tourism. Back in March three of those operators from a list of eight were short-listed as possible organisations to bid for a casino licence.

Nagacorp Ltd,  Bloomberry Resorts corporation and a Melco Hard Rock consortium were all in the running. It was down to the bidders to find a site for the casino. The Melco Hard Rock consortium were looking at Limassol, Bloomberry at Paphos and Nagacorp at Larnaca. According to recent press reports, Bloomberry and Nagacorp were not able to find suitable land for their planned casino resorts.

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