Resorts World Casino Dispute – When Katrina Bookman won $43 million on a slot machine in New York she expected to be paid out. That was not the case due to a disclaimer sign on the machine.

Resorts World Casino Dispute

Resorts World Casino Dispute - Katrina Bookman

Katrina Bookman was playing the Sphinx Wild slot machine at The casino in New York. Apparently, it delivered a win of 43 million dollars but when is a win not a win, that is the question. She was denied the win and now she is now considering Court proceedings.

She had taken a selfie showing the win but it was not long before her joy was drained away by the casino. A crowd on onlookers soon gathered on the casino floor and the area was awash with casino and security officials. She was escorted away and told to come back the next day so that they could consider a payout.

The next day the casino refused to pay out on the basis that they claimed the slot machine had malfunctioned. They offered to pay her original stake of $2.25 back plus a steak dinner.

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