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Vietnam Gambling makes some progress

Vietnam Gambling Progress

Vietnam Gambling ProgressSince Japan decided to legalise casinos they have been centre stage but what about the merits of Vietnam as an up and coming casino destination? Vietnam gambling progress is also being made.

Vietnam has also been interesting global casino groups because it has a strong economy, it is a tourist destination with 3,400 kilometres are tropical beaches and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Casinos could blend in well in such pleasing environments.

Add to that a border with China and potentially you have frontier with a sizeable amount of of gambling tourists.

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Australian Gambling Virus

Australian gambling virus takes hold

Australian Gambling VirusCall it what you like but looking at this chart published by The Economist does suggest that an Australian gambling virus might be taking hold. Credit is also given to H2 Gambling Consultants who carried out the research.

If you are English you might not know that Pokies are slot machines down under. They are being blamed for the upsurge in gambling.

Australia is now officially suffers the highest gambling losses per head in the world. Strangely you would expect all that outdoor life to occupy Aussies but it seems gambling has become a large part of their modern culture.

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Norway Gambling Laws

The History of Norway Gambling Laws

Norway Gambling LawsNorway gambling laws portray a strict framework of restrictions designed to severely limit gambling but the reality is very different due to lack of enforcement. Norway is not a member state of the EU so they have been able to draft their laws without interference from Europe.

The Totalisator Act of 1927 legalised horse racing in Norway. An organisation called Norsk  Riskoto was set up as the single responsible entity to control horse betting across the country. The Act not only legalised horse betting but it also allowed it to be controlled to prevent outside operators being involved. It is a protective monopoly which now permits online horse betting as well as track betting.

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History of Moroccan Gambling Law

The Evolution of Moroccan Gambling Law

Moroccan Gambling LawThe evolution of Moroccan gambling law is unusual for an Islamic nation in that gambling is legalised. Tourism and its origins have played a big part in that. Morocco gained independence from French and Spanish protectorates during 1956 at a time when some resort style casinos were already in existence.

Although gambling was a small part of Moroccan culture the new government sought to expand it to attract more casino tourism. The famous Casino de Marrekech had  already been operating since 1952 and it was a regular stop for international travellers. Other casinos soon opened in the resort areas of Agadir, Casablanca and Tangier.

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Swedish Gambling Laws

Swedish Gambling Laws

Swedish Gambling LawsSwedish gambling laws are considered liberal compared to most other countries. Gambling in Sweden is now controlled by Svenska Spel who have a state controlled monopoly on gambling.

The 1994 Lotteries Act gave Authority to the Gaming Board of Sweden to regulate gambling and issue licences. The Act covered lotteries and games of chance including bingo, roulette, card games, dice games and gaming machines. Lotteries could then only be offered by non-profit charity groups. Betting on horse racing was to be controlled only by approved groups. The object of the Act was to ensure games were regulated without criminal activity. Protection for members of the public was the main priority.

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Online Casino Gambling Laws

When online gambling was born in the mid nineties the internet was a bit like the wild west. Now, increasingly more restrictive online casino gambling laws have throttled back the online casino networks.

Online Casino Gambling Laws are restrictive

Online Casino Gambling LawsIn the early days when the online casinos sprung up on the internet, it was something of a free for all. The UK was quick to set up online licensing requirements and the regulation of online casinos. Many other countries and gambling jurisdictions have since followed suit by introducing their own online casino gambling laws.

The reason why regulation flourished was understandably to protect players and make sure online casinos did not cheat. I am not saying they might have done but regulation is designed for protection.

Read about choosing a safe online casino.

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Czech Republic Gambling Laws

After a lot of wrangling, foreign online gambling operators are to be banned under new Czech Republic gambling laws unless they operate from within the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic gambling laws to ban unlicensed foreign operators

Czech Republic Gambling LawsGambling has always been a popular pastime in the Czech Republic. Regulation has been very difficult with some notable actions required to prevent fraud and unlicensed operators. The most recent change to the gambling laws is due to take effect on 1st January 2017. From then, online gambling operators will be banned unless they have obtained a State Gambling Licence and they are based in the Czech Republic for tax purposes.

Tax rates are currently 20% on gross wins for operators. That is on top of a Corporation tax rate of 19%. Those tax rates are some of the highest in the EU so the effect could be quite dramatic. William Hill has already announced that it will longer operate in the Czech Republic, most others are expected to follow to comply with new legislation.

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Philippines Online Gambling Ban

The Presidents statement did not make it clear whether a proposed Philippines online gambling ban would affect local companies.

Philippines Online Gambling Ban

Philippines Online Gambling Ban

President Rodrigo Duterte declared today that all forms of online gambling would be stopped throughout the Philippines. He went on to say that the Philippines was not benefiting in any way from online gambling.

Actually, he may have shot himself in the foot. It is estimated that the country benefits to the tune of around 10 billion dollars per year in gambling revenue from foreign tourists. Probably that will not be affected but who knows how far he will go to curb gambling.

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Dutch Gambling Laws

There are state-run casinos but not one online casino in Holland. Currently Dutch gambling laws prevent citizens from using foreign online casino websites.

Dutch Gambling Laws

Dutch Gambling LawsHolland, also known as the Netherlands is famous for liberal laws. The Dutch people are one of the most relaxed races in the world. When it comes to gambling you would expect Holland to be relaxed but it is totally the opposite.

Gambling laws are totally exclusive to outside operators, something which EU Law is totally against.

Casino gambling within Holland is run by a state monopoly called Holland Casino. There are 14 casinos in Holland all run by the same organisation.

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French Gambling Laws

French gambling laws introduced during 2010 are having a negative effect on the gambling industry, principally due to high taxation.

French Gambling Laws

French Gambling LawsFrance has a long history of association with gambling. The Queen first became included in the French deck of cards, the Roulette wheel was invented by a French man and casinos have long been present all over France.

In 1987 the minimum age for gambling was dropped from 21 to 18 years of age. Slot machines were illegal then but in 1988 they were legalised all over France.

During 2007 the EU served notice on France requesting it to amend their laws to comply with European laws in terms of online gambling. Subsequently, during 2009 gambling laws were amended to open up the online gambling market to operators from other EU countries. The new gambling bill was criticised for giving preference to French online gambling operators. French gambling laws were then amended again during 2010.

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