It was announced in the Sun Daily this week that the worlds largest casino cruise ship is about to be constructed in the far east. Construction will start on 3rd April this year. Completion is scheduled for April 2020 so, it will take three years complete construction.

Largest casino cruise ship to be constructed in Far East

Largest Casino Cruise Ship

The worlds largest casino cruise ship will measure 295 metres in length with a beam of 36 metres. At a cost of 560 million dollars it is to be constructed in Chinese or Vietnamese shipyards. The backers are Podiumspot Capital Group incorporated in Malaysia. They own Crusino Cruise Services Ltd who, it is expected will operate the vessel.

The ship has already been named the Crusino and it will be able to carry 3200 passengers serviced by 900 crew members. There will be 1,330 VIP state rooms and the casino will feature two decks of casino facilities. There will be slot machines, table games, live games and also sports betting. The VIP staterooms will offer luxury accommodation and they will include a video terminal so clients can participate in live casino games from their room.

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