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New German Gambling Treaty

New German Gambling Treaty from March 2018

German Gambling TreatyGerman lawmaking states just gave the green light to a revised German gambling treaty which will streamline gambling in  Germany.

The sixteen states voted to lift the cap on the number sports betting licences to allow foreign gambling operators in the country.

The treaty also sets out plans for stronger enforcement against unauthorised operators. The possibility of allowing online casinos to operate in the future has been left open.

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German Gambling Laws

German gambling laws are being reviewed after the EU Court of Justice ruled that Germany could not exclude foreign gambling operators.

German Gambling History

German Gambling Laws - Casino BadenBy the 18th century gambling was flourishing in Germany after the first official establishment was opened. Casino Baden first opened in 1765. Others followed but in 1872 a government act was passed to close all casinos.

It was not until 1933 that gambling was again legalised. Casino Baden reopened but closed again in 1944 when the second world war broke out and did not reopen until 1950. Casino Baden is rated as one of the top ten land based casinos in the world.

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