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Gambling Laws in Hawaii

Gambling Laws in Hawaii are very strict

Gambling Laws in HawaiiInterstate law can vary in Hawaii due to the Indian Reservations but they are relatively strict. Generally, gambling laws in Hawaii ban the practice altogether.

Gambling is banned on a casino or cruise ship. Social gambling is permitted but only in private places in the Aloha States but only in private. It is not permitted in public places bars, restaurants, motels, hotels, nightclubs or business establishments.

The use of any kind of slot machine is banned and the possession of gambling records is banned in including bookmaking.

Also, wagering is prohibited on horse or dog races or in any public place. 

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Pac-Man Battle Royal Casino Game

New Pac-Man Battle Royal Casino Game set to launch in Las Vegas

Pac-Man Casino GameA new Pac-Man Battle Royal casino game will launch in Las Vegas casinos during 2018. It will be a game of skill for 2 to 4 players.

Pac-Man was first developed by Namco and released in Japan during May 1980. It was designed by the now famous Toru Iwatani and it became popular all over the world. It took over from Space Invaders as an iconic arcade game. If you can remember it the object of the game was simply to navigate an munch your way through the dots. The game hosted a number of attractions including lives to keep you in the game for longer. There were also those famous four ghosts to consume.

Some of the most successful arcade games involved acquiring skills and Pac-Man was no exception. So does an arcade game like Pac-Man belong in a casino?

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Demolition Video – Las Vegas Casinos

Demolition Video of the old Las Vegas casinos being demolished

Demolition Video - Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas needed to expand to meet an overwhelming demand. Whilst land was readily available to build it was not in the heart of Las Vegas. The optimum solution was demolition of the old Las Vegas casinos and rebuilding on a larger scale. So that’s what they did in spectacular style. This demolition video captures those often implosive moments.

Demolition of the casinos often took place in confined spaces so great attention was paid to safety.

Often memorabilia collectors were given the chance to bag a few souvenirs before the final act.

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MGM Grand Casino Las Vegas

Visiting the MGM Grand Casino Las Vegas

MGM Grand Casino Las VegasVisiting the MGM Grand Casino Las Vegas is an experience to remember. The building itself is a massive icon in the centre of Vegas. The MGM Grand is owned by MGM Resorts International, they are one of the largest casino companies in the world.

Not surprisingly, this MGM Casino is one of the main public areas of the hotel complex. It has as much,  if not more gaming space as any other resort casino in Las Vegas.

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Wynn Las Vegas Casino

Wynn Las Vegas Casino

The Hotel

The Wynn Las Vegas Casino website will probably get you twisted in knots if you try to understand all the room types. There are Wynn and Encore Tower Suites and Resort Rooms, then there are so many sub-types of those you might need some help working it all out.

Many of hotel restaurants hold Forbes Guide 4 Star and there is a good choice of food from casual dining, vegan, healthy eating and to suit any palate. There are also entertainment venues where to can dine and enjoy a show. There are normally some entertaining shows on. If its night-life you are looking for there are quite a few nightclubs to be visited to make the most of your night.

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New US East Coast Casinos

New US east coast casinos are springing up in attractive locations close to major US cities. These new casino resort complexes are in new catchment areas.

US East Coast Casinos to open soon

New US East Coast Casinos - MGM National HarbourInvestment in US casinos is shifting away from Las Vegas and Atlantic City, the two major US gambling centres.

The fortunes of Atlantic City have been declining for many years. Atlantic City’s gaming revenue last year was just $2.56 billion, down from $5.22 billion in 2006. Las Vegas continues to impress with a gaming revenue of $6.32 billion in 2015. There are 1511 casinos across the US generating a total of $71.1 billion. Las Vegas and Atlantic City currently account for only 12.5% of US Gambling Revenue which is a surprising statistic.

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Chinese Gambling Holidays

The fight is on between Macau and Las Vegas to provide the best Chinese gambling holidays. It seems like Macau might win but Las Vegas is fighting back.

Chinese Gambling Holidays – Increased flight options

Chinese Gambling HolidaysGambling in banned in China so 1.4 billion people are prevented from casino gambling. They can do that abroad and the two best options for a Chinese gambling holiday are Las Vegas and Macau, a former Portuguese colony on the coast of China.

Up until now there have been no direct flights from China to Las Vegas but that has now changed. From 2nd December Chinese carrier Hainan Airlines is flying direct to Las Vegas 3 days a week from Beijing. McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas has been kitted out with new signage in Chinese and Mandarin to mark the occasion. Hainan Airlines already have non-stop flights to 5 other American cities.

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Japanese Gambling Law Review

On Tuesday the lower house passed a bill for a Japanese gambling law review and to consider legalization. There are hopes the bill can be enacted before the current session of Parliament ends next week.

Japanese Gambling Law Review

Japanese Gambling LawA Japanese law review has recently taken place but the opportunity to have a new bill passed failed because it was not put to a vote on time. Following Tuesdays action, if the bill is enacted, regulators can develop plans for final legislation to be passed. This is a major step towards legalising gambling in Japan.

Politically the new gambling bill is controversial. Although Minister Abe representing the Liberal Democratic Party, has been promoting legalised gambling there is a divided coalition government. The Komeito, the main coalition partner are against legalizing gambling because they say it may cause gambling addiction and other social problems in Japan.

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USA Gambling Laws

Reading about USA gambling laws will probably set your head spinning. Here we try to put the basics into perspective for you in a brief article.

Gambling in the USA

USA Gambling LawsSome gambling laws in the USA are centuries old, others are still evolving. With federal, state and local laws  to consider it is complex to understand in overall terms and especially, geographically.

Living in the US you might generally think US gambling laws are not forbidding. For example, lotteries are run by 44 states. It is not difficult to find cards rooms, they operate in most towns and cities. Many bars and restaurants have limited betting gaming machines. However, the biggest gambling venues are the tribal casinos which operate in more than half of the states in the US.

During 2015, revenue in the US from gambling was 70 billion dollars. That gives an idea of the scope of gambling in the USA. Annual growth is around 3% per annum.

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Lucky Dragon Casino opening in Las Vegas

It has been 6 years since the last new build Cosmopolitan Casino opened on the Las Vegas strip. On December 3rd the newly built Lucky Dragon Casino will be open for business.

Lucky Dragon Casino Opening 3rd December 2016

Lucky Dragon CasinoThe casino is a brand new Asian themed operation which is opening soon on the North End of the Las Vega strip. It has been in development for five years so you can expect it to be an exceptional venue. It is no surprise that the casino will be opened on time.

The doors have already been open for a week to allow visitors to preview the facilities. The entire facility has been planned literally to offer a taste of the Orient.

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