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Gambling in Monaco

The History of Gambling in Monaco

Gambling in MonacoGambling in Monaco was promoted during the late 1800’s, it was born out of a fiscal crisis. Conceived by Charles the third, the then prince of Monaco, it was the answer to a major financial problem. Charles III studied economics and hatched a cunning plan to attract the English upper class into gambling. It worked well as money poured into Monaco it was not long before all debts were paid off and they were able to abolish taxes. Princess Caroline, the wife of Charles III is often credited with the casino idea.

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Monte Carlo Casino Monaco

The Monte Carlo Casino Monaco is a Historical Venue on the French Riviera

The high rollers of the day were attracted to the opulent Monte Carlo Casino Monaco when it was built in the 1850’s. Gambling had been banned across Europe during the 1860’s and the casino was only remaining casino. Notably, the rich and famous have been attracted to this casino over the centuries to attract the rich and famous. The casino is famous for gourmet dining and has three famous restaurants.

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