Falling UK Lottery Sales are causing concern

Falling UK Lottery SalesFalling UK lottery sales have been causing concern as Britain’s gambling habits change and Camelot are in the spotlight as ticket sales plummet.

Camelot have run the UK National Lottery since it was founded during 1994. Since then it has raised £37 billion pounds for charities, projects and of course the British Olympic team. Could the recent fall in ticket sales signal change in the future.

Camelot announced during June that ticket sales had reduced by 8.8% to £6.9 billion up until year ending 31st March 2017. The amount of money being raised for good causes also fell by 14.4% to £1.6 billion.

Ask your self why the National Lottery was so successful in the first place? For the first time millions of people had the chance to secure a life-changing win for the price of a pint. Indeed there have been many lucky winners over the years. Many millions have purchased lottery tickets with the hope of fulfilling a dream.

Despite the success of the lottery, many see it as a way of collecting taxes from some of the poorest people in the country. Undeniably though, the politicians have always been able to argue that the benefits to good causes outweigh the disadvantages.

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