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Excellence at Mr Green the online casino

Mr Green casino is currently the most popular online casino and sports betting betting website

Mr Green CasinoMr Green casino is a popular award-winning online casino  and sports betting website with an acknowledged high standard of excellence.

When you take a look at the Mr Green website it is hard not to get absorbed with its style and professionalism. The graphics are amazing with a soft and beautiful green theme.

They are relative newcomer to the online casino arena but don’t let that put you off. They launched in 2012 but they rapidly gained a reputation for honesty and great service. Like any great organisation they are focussed on staying at the top. They invested heavily in their business and intend maintain their pace.

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Online Casino Traffic Ranking

Online Casino Traffic Ranking and Status

Online Casino Traffic RankingWe are not saying these are the best online casinos but according Alexa online casino traffic ranking they are the busiest gambling websites. That means they have the highest traffic ranking the world.

It does not mean they are the busiest websites but it does mean they have more page views than other websites over a measured time period, normally for 24 hours.

Online casino websites are all very similar in function so it is reasonable to assume that they perform the same the way. The statistics are definitely being measured in the same was for these comparisons. Alexa is an authority on web site traffic and statistics, they are part of the worldwide Amazon Group.

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Pragmatic Play Games Software Provider

Pragmatic Play games software provider now featured at Mr Green online casino

Pragmatic Play at Mr GreenThis week, Pragmatic Play gaming software provider and online casino Mr Green announced a new partnership deal. The deal will see their games rolled out across the casino. This is one of those partnerships which was meant to happen.

Mr Green are an innovative UK Licensed online casino and Pragmatic are one of the fastest growing providers of online games for the casino gaming industry. They have a reputation for creating an engaging gaming experience packed with excitement.

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Virtual Reality Gambling

Virtual Reality Gambling  is set to increase

Virtual Reality GamblingVirtual reality gambling is set to increase as new technology enters the market. Indicators show that the market will increase from just over £40 million this year to £423 million by 2021.

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Online Casino Security

How good is online casino security?

Online Casino SecurityOnline gambling is a rapidly expanding market, it has become enormously popular. However, many people are understandably worried about online casino security in general. The objective of this article is to educate readers so they can perhaps put their mind at rest about using an online casino.

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Online Casino Gambling Laws

When online gambling was born in the mid nineties the internet was a bit like the wild west. Now, increasingly more restrictive online casino gambling laws have throttled back the online casino networks.

Online Casino Gambling Laws are restrictive

Online Casino Gambling LawsIn the early days when the online casinos sprung up on the internet, it was something of a free for all. The UK was quick to set up online licensing requirements and the regulation of online casinos. Many other countries and gambling jurisdictions have since followed suit by introducing their own online casino gambling laws.

The reason why regulation flourished was understandably to protect players and make sure online casinos did not cheat. I am not saying they might have done but regulation is designed for protection.

Read about choosing a safe online casino.

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Netent Mega Fortune Dreams £6.2 Million Slot Payout

Netent pays out £6.2 Million on Mega Fortune Dreams Slot

Mega Fortune Dreams SlotA man from Cheshire in the UK recently won £6.2 million on the Netent Mega Fortune Dreams slot. His stake was just £1.25 on a single spin when he instantly became a multi-millionaire.

When the reels stopped spinning and he saw the amount he had won he went into shock mode. He said initially he was in disbelief that he could have won so much money. When the reality of the win dawned upon him he said; “The win is life changing for me and my family and gives us security for the future. The first thing that we will enjoy with the win will be a nice family holiday to Disneyland.”

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Online Virtual Reality Casino

The online virtual reality casino has already been born. Could this be the new craze in online gaming?

Join an online Virtual Reality Casino

SlotsMillion Virtual Reality CasinoVirtual Reality (VR) was something which was promoted by Sega Games 20 years ago. They produced the first virtual reality helmet. Since then, computer technology has moved on dramatically and virtual reality in gaming has become hugely popular. The development of virtual reality helmets has been amazing since those early days.

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3D Video Slot

The early 3D Video slot was something of a failure. They flopped rather like 3D TV. Maybe it was because of those hideous glasses you had to wear.

The Development of 3D Video Slot

3D video slotMicrogaming invested heavily in developing 3D technology for use on video slots. They launched their ” Sterling Silver” 3D slot machine for use in land based casinos. The first 3D video game used the same technology used in the TV industry. The downside of that was that you had to wear 3D glasses to enjoy the full benefit of the machine.

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