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Random Number Generators

Are Random Number Generators truly random?

Random Number GeneratorsHaving carried out some research on random number generators or RNG’s for short I concluded that there are degrees of randomness. The whole thing is really complicated, just like infinity itself.

Why do we need it? For betting or gambling of course, it has no other use than prediction. Since ancient times rolling the dice, flipping a coin or using playing cards all have forms of random number generation. In this article we only consider random RNG’s in machines.

Random number generation can be really simple as in the flip of a coin. However as the number of outcomes increases it can become a hugely complex task. For example flipping a coin only has two outcomes and in theory that outcome could be repeated an infinite number of times. The reality of course is that the odds of 2:1 are rather more balanced.

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Columbia Online Gambing Regulation

Columbia Online Gambling undergoes shake up

Columbia Online GamblingLast week the Columbian Government endeavoured to control gambling. The shake up was an attempt to profit from and control Columbia online gambling.

The national gambling regulator,  Coljuegos announced a blackist of 325 gambling websites which would be banned by Federal Government. That followed a failed attempt by government to get the online casinos to sign up for an online gambling licence at a cost of $160,000 dollars. The government is taking a tough approach to legalisation of online casinos in Columbia. The online casinos remain withdrawn from applications at the moment.

In addition to the licencing fee the government introduced a 16% VAT tariff on player deposits which might also have been a bridge to far for the online casinos. It has since been marginally reduced by 1%.

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New Virtual Reality Slot Game

New Virtual Reality slot game is in development

Virtual Reality Slot GameNetent, the international casino software provider announced this week that they are to develop a new virtual reality slot game. It is to be based on the successful Gonzo’s Quest video slot game.

Virtual reality technology has now advanced sufficiently to enable a mobile phone interface. Development has moved fast and the latest 3D VR headsets utilising mobile phones can be purchase for less than £100. Samsung seem to have the broken new ground by incorporating a standard mobile phone into this new type of device. As far as we know Apple does not yet have a similar device.

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Google Blocking Bad Gambling Ads

Google blocking bad gambling Ads in 17 million results

Google Blocking Bad Gambling AdsGoogle blocking bad gambling ads to improve customer experience is quietly controversial. During 2016 Google removed 17 million paid adverts across its platforms for illegal gambling violations. Google has a policy of protecting people from misleading, inappropriate, or harmful marketing. They have a dedicated team of engineers working on this as part of their policy to fight the war against bad operators.

Gambling ads were not the only target. Google blocked 68 million healthcare adds for violation and 80 million ads for deceiving, misleading or shocking users. A further 7 million ads were blocked for attempting to trick its stringent detection systems.

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Helpful Online Gambling Tips

Getting the edge – online gambling tips

Online Gambling TipsMany existing players will have developed their own online gambling tips or strategies. The purpose of this article is to help beginners and perhaps help a few existing players to understand the basics. If you want to get the edge and decrease your personal risk, read on.

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Online Gambling after Brexit

Online Gambling after Brexit may be a different ballgame

Online Gambling after BrexitWithin Europe many online casinos can operate freely if they are licensed within an EU Country. Online gambling after Brexit will probably be more restrictive than it now is. Many UK online casinos are licensed by the UK Gambling commission. That enables them to operate securely in the UK and in other countries where they are permitted to do so.

Some EU countries have been able to limit competition from foreign competitors. For example, Spain will not allow a foreign online casino to operate unless it has a Spanish domain name and is licensed in Spain. The Czech Republic has also done the same thing. The point here is that online casinos which do operate legally in Spain and the Czech Republic have to pay taxes in those countries. Finland has a free trade deal with Europe but they will not allow foreign online casino operators because their gambling industry is nationalised and prevents private gambling operations.

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UK Online Gambling Benefits

UK online gambling benefits compared with land based casinos are causing a shift towards internet based play. The reasons are not difficult to understand.

Consider UK Online Gambling Benefits against Land Based Casino Benefits in the UK

UK Online Gambling BenefitsGenerally

Firstly, if you live in the UK you will have access to hundreds of online casinos. Most of those will be totally bona-fide because they operate from the UK and have licenses from the UK Gambling Commission. Some may be licensed in other offshore jurisdictions like Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Alderney or Malta. We consider all these locations have sufficiently stringent licensing requirements.

Most online casinos operating in the UK choose to have a UK licence because it gives players added peace of mind. All land based casinos in the UK are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

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Dutch Gambling Laws

There are state-run casinos but not one online casino in Holland. Currently Dutch gambling laws prevent citizens from using foreign online casino websites.

Dutch Gambling Laws

Dutch Gambling LawsHolland, also known as the Netherlands is famous for liberal laws. The Dutch people are one of the most relaxed races in the world. When it comes to gambling you would expect Holland to be relaxed but it is totally the opposite.

Gambling laws are totally exclusive to outside operators, something which EU Law is totally against.

Casino gambling within Holland is run by a state monopoly called Holland Casino. There are 14 casinos in Holland all run by the same organisation.

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USA Gambling Laws

Reading about USA gambling laws will probably set your head spinning. Here we try to put the basics into perspective for you in a brief article.

Gambling in the USA

USA Gambling LawsSome gambling laws in the USA are centuries old, others are still evolving. With federal, state and local laws  to consider it is complex to understand in overall terms and especially, geographically.

Living in the US you might generally think US gambling laws are not forbidding. For example, lotteries are run by 44 states. It is not difficult to find cards rooms, they operate in most towns and cities. Many bars and restaurants have limited betting gaming machines. However, the biggest gambling venues are the tribal casinos which operate in more than half of the states in the US.

During 2015, revenue in the US from gambling was 70 billion dollars. That gives an idea of the scope of gambling in the USA. Annual growth is around 3% per annum.

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Australian Gambling Laws

Australian gambling laws seem very lapse, the have allowed Australians to become the highest wagerers per capita in the world.

Australian Gambling Laws

Australian Gambling LawsGambling Laws in Australia have generally been the responsibility of individual territories rather than Central Government. Gambling has become a problem in Australia and more recently central government is taking a more active stance. The negative impact of gambling on Australian Society has long been a matter of concern for the people of Australia.

Gambling is very popular in Australia. In fact it has the highest expenditure per head than any other county in the world. The laws have been very lapse, licensed land based casinos are permitted and indeed many exist. The new Crown Casino in Melbourne is a recently constructed Australian mega casino resort.

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