The online virtual reality casino has already been born. Could this be the new craze in online gaming?

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SlotsMillion Virtual Reality CasinoVirtual Reality (VR) was something which was promoted by Sega Games 20 years ago. They produced the first virtual reality helmet. Since then, computer technology has moved on dramatically and virtual reality in gaming has become hugely popular. The development of virtual reality helmets has been amazing since those early days.

The best known online VR casino is SlotsMillion. They are a major player in the online casino industry with over 1300 games in their portfolio. Before you rush off to sign up you might want to read a little more.

Firstly, you do no need to wear a helmet to appreciate the virtual reality experience. However the helmet does offer a much better video and audio experience. The goggles required to be used this casino are made by Occulus Rift. They are not cheap, they cost many hundreds of dollars. A keyboard or a gaming pad is required to navigate around the VR casino. You will need a windows platform to run the casino software if you download it. The games can be played using a web browser. However the virtual reality experience is better using the helmet.

Surprisingly, over 40 games are on offer in the first VR casino. The casino is on the 80th floor of a skyscraper for a bit of added reality. You get views out over an imaginary city. There is even bar and a lounge in the casino and you can play the slot machines nearby. Starburst is playable on a large panoramic screen. You can choose a friend to play with on the multi-player games.


It is fair to say that the virtual reality casino is still at the experimental stage. The Casino software manufacturers are still investing in this new opportunity. MicroGaming, NextGen and Netent have been the major players in this. All are very well established and highly rated software companies.

Slots Millions are well controlled being licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority.

The VR casino is there to be played. Clearly, the technology is sufficiently developed and there is already a reasonable choice of games. The speed of the graphics might be a little slow and jerky. That is if a fast internet connection is not available. Your computer will also need a fast processor, good graphics card and sufficient ram.

Will it catch on? I think it has a limited market. Those who already have the hardware to enjoy the full experience might enjoy it. Those who do not have the hardware would be faced with a major investment. Consequently, ask yourself, would the gamers go for it? They can already enjoy what is a very good interface with a conventional online casino.

Another thing is perhaps, players using a helmet might make you feel a little isolated over time. Many enjoy being switched off to the outside world. I guess we will just have to wait and see how it goes. Finally, hats of to the developers and the online casino for bringing this product to the market.

Why not take a look at SlotsMillion, they are a highly rated online casino with a range of over 1300 games to choose from.

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